STOPit US K-12 Community 2017-2018 Activity Report

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Educators today are becoming more sophisticated in their analysis of behavior in their schools, and are searching for data that will guide their efforts. We are pleased to provide our FREE one-page Report of findings from our national database of incident report meta-data. This summary document will cover topics such as:

  • Has there been any seasonality so far in reports?
  • When during the day are reports being submitted?
  • What types of reports are being submitted?
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Create cultures of caring and respect...

Students are digital natives and many choose to communicate, first, through digital means rather than face-to-face conversations.

— Dr. Robb Killen, Supervisor of Counseling & Mental Health
Maury County Public Schools

The student body is more informed today...

The student body is more informed today about the dangers of technology and the consequences of abusing technology, and will take that knowledge and make smart decisions now, and in the future.

— Jim Gaffney, Supervisor of Instruction
Cliffside Park High School

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