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Community Insurance Corporation Gives K-12 Clients A Valuable Tool to Help Fight Bullying in Schools

How a Wisconsin Insurance Pool Reduced Claims with STOPit

For the Wisconsin-based Community Insurance Corporation (CIC), claims involving bullying and hazing in schools had become a growing area of concern in recent years. The question, then, was what to do about it?

“We had done the most we could to combat it from a training and awareness perspective, by reaching out to teachers and school administrators,” said CIC Director of Client Services Josh Dirkse. “But the biggest population that we were never able to reach was students. They’re busy being taught and we never seemed to have the opportunity to get in front of them.”

When CIC executives heard about the STOPit anonymous reporting platform from a reinsurance partner, they felt so confident in the solution that they decided to make their member school districts an offer too good to pass up. CIC bought up a bulk package of licenses and offered them to interested schools at only half the price.

It was a bold strategy for a member-owned mutual which has an obligation to keep its expenses as low as possible. However, Dirkse said the investment was well worth it considering the benefits, including increased response times by administrators and an improved flow of information from students that helps get problems under control before they escalate. Schools that have launched STOPit through the insurance pool have embraced the technology and are using it with great success, he said.

“The consensus is that it is a vast improvement over their past reporting services, which were, if they were sophisticated, something like online Google forms, or if they weren’t sophisticated, drop boxes outside of the principal’s office where they could fill out pieces of paper and leave them behind,” Dirkse said. “We’ve heard nothing but good things, and we’ve talked to a number of people from a number of levels in the schools.”

A Tool for Big Data

CIC has also been pleasantly surprised by the level of raw data they’ve been able to access and analyze through the system. While reports submitted through STOPit are always anonymous, metadata culled from the reports can offer insights into trends taking place in schools and inform an insurer’s risk management efforts.

“Nine times out of 10, we won’t see the kind of incidents that are reported through the STOPit app because they don’t necessarily result in claims,” Dirkse said.

Dirkse noted that CIC has found “a ton of value” in the DOCUMENTit incident management tool, which is a clearinghouse for information about incidents, as well as the ability to generate reports about the data. As time goes by and more data is aggregated, Dirkse said CIC can further tailor its work to address the areas that emerge as needs, by offering training or other services to staff at schools. These and other STOPit features ultimately present the dual advantage of keeping kids safe while making solid economic sense, he said.

CIC finds that STOPit is a simple, fast and secure platform for reporting and managing any type of harmful or inappropriate behavior by their schools. With a simple mobile app, STOPit instantly and anonymously connects students with those individuals who can resolve school safety issues directly with their school administrators, or escalated to local law enforcement.

No one has time for cumbersome processes these days, so the platform setup only takes 30 minutes for a district and school rollout is as simple as booking a pre-programmed assembly or in-class activity. In addition, STOPit can provide an expertly designed, easy-to-use toolkit that can be customized to make the rollout easier.

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