Smartphone App Gives Kids 'Keyboard Courage' Against Cyberbullies

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HADDONFIELD, N.J. (CBS) -- Students at Haddonfield High School are trying out a new smartphone app designed to fight all forms of cyber abuse.

The school has purchased the STOPit app and made it available to all students as of today.

Kids got a demonstration of it during a riveting presentation by Sgt. Tom Rich, a North Jersey cop who talked about all the possible dangers on smartphones, from cyberbullying to sexting.

Rich says it provides what he calls "keyboard courage."  Anyone who signs up for the app will be able to reach out to administrators or law enforcement.

"We have the school's name at the top. Their cyberbullying contacts are automatically included. And then it's customizable from there. The student or the parent, or both, can go in and add anyone they want as a trusted adult," Rich explained.

The app was rolled out recently and is now in dozens of schools in ten states. The Califon, NJ-based developer says he's getting swamped with additional requests.

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