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Anonymous Reporting Solutions
Software and services that mitigate, deter and control inappropriate conduct
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Creating Safer Places to Learn, Work, & Live
Real-time reporting and real-time messaging, enabling real-time awareness for your organization
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What We Offer


Mobile App, Web App, and Phone Hotline. Individuals report what they see, include pictures and videos, answer specific questions about the incidents, and follow up through 2-way dialogue.

Managed Services

24/7/365 incident management services including incident monitoring, triage and emergency contact services, and integrated Phone Tip Line.

Incident Management

Automated alerting and routing to designated administrators. Manage incidents in a case file and reply through interactive Messaging with reporter to investigate issues and collect evidence.


Content library designed to help Administrators diagnose and resolve issues. Training services, launch and awareness services, and turnkey packages for your specific needs.

STOPit Solutions


Enhance your school safety and positive school climate. For bullying, cyberbullying, student wellbeing, substance abuse, safety and other issues.

Higher Ed

Modernize communication for your Title IX and Campus Safety. For harassment, stalking, dating violence, discrimination, compliance, and other issues.


Improve and protect your workplace culture and safety, with a focus on employee retention. For harassment, discrimination, favoritism, fraud, and other issues.

Public Safety

Strengthen your public safety and community policing initiatives. For narcotics, child endangerment, major crimes, theft, wanted fugitives, and other issues.

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