STOPit 911-Direct Panic Alert System

STOPit 911-Direct Panic Alert System

Instant communication to 911 and  staff for immediate response and better outcomes

What is It?

STOPit 911-Direct Panic Alert System instantly and simultaneously requests help, informs, and communicates actions to any emergency or need for assistance to staff and 9-1-1 dispatch enabling faster responses, effective actionable response, and better outcomes.

How Does It Work?

Benefit to You?

What Sets Us Apart

Customization – One size does not fit all – unlike our competitors, we developed our platform to be customizable to fit your needs, organization and people

  • Set your own contacts, permission levels, and notification messages
  • Set unique HelpMe buttons and routing for each specific life or non-life threatening type
  • Identify the unique boundaries of your school or workplace to ensure an accurate location is shared with officials and 9-1-1
  • Team communication to allow you to ask specific questions to your situation or event
  • Upload and access your organization’s specific digital emergency resources, protocols and checklists

Cost-Effective Solution – Cost should NEVER get in the way of safety; it is why we offer the industry’s most competitive pricing, value, and resources without compromise, ensuring you get the life-saving and changing programs you need at a cost you can afford.

Personal Customer Support Specialiest – We understand time and resources are at a premium and you want to maximize program impact, that is why we manage and provide the resources to setup, onboard, and train administrators and users.

  • You are assigned a personal customer success specialist for the life of your partnership with us
  • We provide an onboarding wizard that supports every step of setup and onboarding
  • 24/7/365 live and automated support – so we are always there when you need us

Expert User Training – We train your users on setup and use of the Panic Alert System for seamless, fast setup of the program (typically up in running in days based on organization size)

  • Video, live virtual, and live in-person training launch and annual re-fresh training sessions
  • Topical training modules on Panic Alert System best practices
  • Ongoing system checks ensuring all users are properly setup and ready for alerts

Security & Privacy – At a time when security and privacy is critical to protecting tipsters and the information they provide – be assured that we provide the highest level of certification & compliance for your peace of mind

  • SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified
  • Comply with FERPA, HIPAA, and COPPA policies and regulations across our entire platform and organization
  • Adhering to each state and federal data security and privacy policies and regulations

How do I get started?

If you would want more information, a demonstration, or want to get started, click below and one of our sales specialists will contact you shortly.


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