AESA Introduces Anonymous Reporting System and SEL Programs at No Cost to Help Protect Your Schools


As an AESA business partner, STOPit Solutions understands educational service agencies and has worked with them to create partnership options for ESAs of all sizes.

In 2019, STOPit partnered with ESAs in Arkansas, Kansas, and Wisconsin to access federal school safety funds. In 2020, STOPit partnered with 11 more ESAs to bring STOPit to 10 additional states and bringing over $6.6 million dollars! Using federal funds, these agencies will be able to provide STOPit services to their member districts and to schools across their states. In addition, these agencies received funds to support the leadership provided by their executive directors, and additional funds for fiscal and marketing staff.

ESAs around the country have found that STOPit Solutions best meets the needs of ESAs and ESA customers. If you are interested in accessing federal funds for services to your districts, while reducing agency overhead costs and supporting current staff, please consider a partnership with STOPit Solutions.

STOPit Anonymous Reporting System (ARS)

STOPit’s Anonymous Reporting System (ARS) empowers students and staff to anonymously report safety, misconduct and compliance concerns BEFORE they escalate into a crisis or other legal matter. Using the ARS is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1) Observe & Submit

Individual observes an incident or concern and submits it using the STOPit app, website, or telephone hotline

Step 2) Monitor & Escalate

STOPit 24/7/365 Incident Management Center monitors and escalates life threatening incidents to school officials and law enforcement (as needed)

Step 3) Manage & Resolve

School officials receive and act upon the incident using the STOPit admin app and/or web-based Incident Management System

STOPit SEL & Compliance Training Center (SCTC)

STOPit’s SCTC provides content and resources to help your students with Social & Emotional Learning. The STOPit SEL Center includes multiple curriculum in 12 categories, accessible directly from our STOPit website and through the ARS Administrator mobile app – making it easy to pass resources to students in need. Below is a sampling of topics:


Interested In Learning More?

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