Human Resource Departments Have An Important New Team Member to Help Stop Workplace Harassment, and It’s an App

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New hire orientation — and all the forms and paperwork that comes with it; leave of absence forms; workers comp reports; health benefit changes; annual reviews. Human resources staffs and budgets are already stretched thin under tremendous pressure to handle more tasks, more projects and find more solutions than ever.

And there are always updates to policies and procedures. Add in new regulations, like the one just passed by the State of New York requiring employers to adopt new policies, conduct additional trainings and submit new reports to address sexual harassment in the workplace, and the administrative burden on HR just continues to increase every year.

Great Tech Helps Solve Problems

Whether these laws are good isn’t at issue. Most often, these laws and policies address very real problems that should be addressed. The New York law aimed at making workplaces safer and more equitable by stamping out sexual harassment is a good thing. Everyone should feel safe and valued, even protected, as they’re going about their daily work. That’s why more and more states are adopting similar laws with similar goals.

What is at issue is how companies can do the right thing–the best thing for their employees and their company — and find a way to do it that doesn’t stretch the HR department to the breaking point.

The HR department is often tasked with helping build healthy workplace culture. How can it meet and exceed this mission if staff are feeling overburdened and overwhelmed?

Fortunately, though many decry over-reliance on technology as a potential hazard, in this case technology done well can the the best solution to doing the right thing without overwhelming any person or department.

An anonymous reporting technology like STOPit, one that gives employees the power to speak up and ask for help with issues like sexual harassment without any fear of reprisal, is one example of technology done well. More and more companies are taking a proactive approach to empowering employees in the workplace so they can be more productive, safer and happier — and mobile app technologies are quickly becoming a solution of choice to power opportunities and solve problems.

Meeting and Exceeding Goals For Safer Workplaces

But while it’s commonplace to ask employees to download and use an app that tracks their steps in order to qualify for lower health insurance premiums, or a texting app to better communicate with team members at remote locations, until recently there hasn’t been a great choice when it comes to an app for reporting incidents of harassment, abuse and malfeasance. Traditional texting and email are straightforward communication tools for many issues, but they aren’t efficient at managing HR cases, particularly those of a sensitive nature that require anonymity and confidentiality. A new direct communication platform is needed to ensure proper and complete documentation and reporting for managing incidents that might involve disciplinary action or legal remedy.

Apps like STOPit are solving those problems.

STOPit is a two-way communications street that can lead to breakthroughs in the search for facts in troubling cases, and encourage people to stand up for themselves and for their colleagues in difficult, dangerous and unfair situations. It’s a simple, straightforward solution, combining an intuitive, easy to use interface for the anonymous reporting app with a powerful, equally intuitive incident management system that take only minutes to set up.

The entire solution requires very little training to learn to use and is packed with snapshot reports and a dashboard that makes administrative tasks simple. The system keeps a permanent record of incidents and tracks what actions were taken and when, making reporting for compliance and legal audiences a five minute task — not a chore that eats up an entire afternoon.

And, just as important, best-in-class customer service ensures that questions and requests for help are answered promptly by a dedicated representative that is focused on client success. All this ensures your HR department has the right tool tool to engage employees in building healthier, safer workplaces and also comply with ever evolving laws and policies to combat workplace harassment — a tool that’s effective, cost-effective and one that is a true time-saver for administrators.

Contact STOPit today to learn more about how you can empower your HR department and build a better, more productive workplace.

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