Camden County Police Department launches new STOPit app for texting tips

By Joyce Evans

CAMDEN, NJ, July 16, 2019 (Fox 29 Philadelphia) – The Camden County Police Department is using a new tool called STOPit to deter crime. The app allows police to collect reports from citzens about illegal activity. People can submit information in real-time and anonymously. “We’re going to try anything to reach out to the community to open those channels of communication,” Camden County Police Community Commander Lt. Zsakhiem James told FOX 29.

“You can actually send us a picture so we can see exactly what you’re looking at instead of offering vague eyewitness descriptions, and you can text back and forth with an officer inside the app without them ever knowing who you are,”  Lt.Zsakhiem said.

STOPit also allows officers to notify the public about important public safety information.

Since April, 600 people have signed up for the app and Camden police have received over 500 tips. 




Camden County Police Encouraged by Early Results of Crime Tips App

CAMDEN, NJ, May 29, 2019 (TAPinto) – The Camden County Police Department in April unveiled its participation in the STOPit App, offering citizens a way to anonymously report crimes or provide tips through their smartphone.

Just over a month later, the police department in New Jersey has shared early results in its ongoing effort to build participation.

The CCPD received more than 200 tips through the STOPit system, with 320 activations in the short timeframe, Lt. Zsakhiem James said Thursday.

Tips sent in via the traditional anonymous call line are not counted whereas “the app measures the metrics,” James said.

“We’re encouraged by the number of tips,” said James, who noted an additional 15 activations and counting Friday morning as word continues to spread. 

James said the format of the app has proved to be helpful. While residents can utilize the police tip line or connect through various social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor), the STOPit system’s shielding of identity can be the difference in reaching out.

“There is some strength to it being anonymous,” he said. “It seems to be taking off.”

Members of the public have responded through the app’s messaging feature, too. It’s dependent on the specific situation, James said, but when needed, the anonymous chat has allowed for police personnel to gather further information about a tip. 

“If you have a friend or know someone who could use this, have them download it,” James said. “The one thing we want is conversation.”


Camden County Police Department Joins Growing Number of Police Departments Nationwide Partnering With STOPit Solutions to Empower and Protect Citizens

Tech provider helps police department create a safer community.

Camden County Police Department (CCPD) has enrolled with STOPit Solutions, the leading technology service that empowers people to speak up for themselves and others, while giving public safety the insight it needs to keep communities safe. 

Using STOPit Solutions, Camden residents can now submit completely anonymous reports to CCPD directly from their mobile phones or web browsers, allowing the police department to investigate and even prevent dangerous situations in the community, all while citizens remain anonymous. Once a report is received, CCPD will be able to manage the tip through STOPit Solutions’ efficient and powerful communication platform, including the ability to message with the anonymous reporter and address issues instantly. 

“We derive our power from the community,” CCPD Lt. Zsakhiem James told NJPen. “And that makes a bigger difference. The community will give you the chance on small things [which can] build up to the larger things.” 

Other townships partnering with STOPit Solutions have already seen results in empowering their communities through anonymous reporting. In Somerset County, New Jersey, for instance, tips through the STOPit App helped with the arrest of an Arizona fugitive, as well as dismantled a prostitution ring.  

When it comes to the ease of reporting offered through the app, James told TapInto.net, “There seems sometimes that there is strength in anonymity.” He went on to explain, “Most people have their phone with them all the time, and it only takes a few seconds.”  

Camden joins a growing number of police departments that have partnered with STOPit Solutions nationwide. 

“Our team at STOPit Solutions is proud to help police departments keep their communities safe, and we are thrilled to partner with CCPD in doing that for Camden,” Neil Hooper, Chief Operating Officer of STOPit Solutions said. “Camden is undergoing a resurgence with the city embracing innovative technology, and we are honored to be a part of this modern community program that aims to help preserve the quality of life in Camden neighborhoods”. 

About STOPit Solutions: 

STOPit Solutions creates safer places to learn, work and live. STOPit Solutions helps thousands of schools, offices, and townships worldwide inspire speak-up cultures through 100 percent anonymous reporting tools and 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year.  

To learn more about STOPit Solutions please visit www.stopitsolutions.com

For more information, contact Agatha Asch, STOPit Solutions Marketing and Communications Director, at 908-748-4356 or aasch@stopitsolutions.com.


Camden County Police Roll Out STOPit App for Anonymous Tipsters

camden community commander zsakhiem james

By Matt Skoufalos | April 17, 2019

In Camden City, anonymous tips help break major cases, alert police to issues that require their attention, and bring violent criminals to justice.

“The fruits of that have made the city safer, and have made the community safer, and have improved the trust and the dialogue between the police and the community,” said Lt. Zsakhiem James, Community Commander for the Camden County Police Department.

Now the department is testing another mechanism by which to communicate with them: a free app called STOPit.

“We have Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Nextdoor, and now STOPit,” James said.

“We’ll go with anything and everything that enables us to communicate [with residents].”

The STOPit app is free to download (use the access code CAMDENNJ), and is available for both Apple and Android devices. Anyone can use it to report non-emergency concerns directly to the department. There’s an in-app chat for officers to have conversations with the user, and a file attachment function for sending photos or videos.

James also stressed that STOPit is not a substitute for 9-1-1 calls in an emergency situation, but might be useful for slower-developing circumstances like illegal dumping, drug trade, prostitution, or nuisance crimes.

It’s also useful for following up on investigations where the police are soliciting help from the community.

“We’re not asking anyone to put themselves in harm’s way to give us information,” James said.

“But if you happen to be in an area where you happen to see something, and you happen to say something, fine.”

Officers will filter through the tips they receive, and assign detectives to investigate as needed, James said. STOPit can generate case numbers for the department to manage internally, which, if they yield criminal investigations, would be managed throughout the regular department workflow.

“Any tip has to be corroborated before any police action is done,” James said.

“We take all of our tips very seriously.

“We’ll take notice if it’s been used to harass or annoy.”

For residents who believe “that there’s strength in anonymity,” James said STOPit could help overcome “that stigma of talking to police.

“We derive our power from the community,” James said. “And that makes a bigger difference. The community will give you the chance on small things, and build up to the larger things.”

So far, the only other law enforcement agency in New Jersey to use STOPit is the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office; if it finds success in Camden, other agencies might follow suit.

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Los Lunas Police Launch New App Service for Submitting Tips

LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) – The Los Lunas Police Department is offering a new way to submit tips about criminals through a mobile app.

The police department will launch the “STOPit” program Thursday.

The app lets the tipster upload images, videos and documents all while ensuring you’ll be completely anonymous.

To access the program, download the STOPit app and enter access code: LosLunasPD.

The app will replace the text-a-tip program.

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Public Helps Police Capture Wanted Fugitive From N. Plainfield

NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ — Thanks to the help from the public the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office was able to arrest last week’s fugitive of the week.

“Thanks to several anonymous reports via the STOPit app and the hard work and dogged determination of the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Fugitive Unit, Danielle Wyatt is now in-custody,” the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office reported Friday.

Danielle Wyatt’s, whose last known address is 301 Maple Ave., Apt. 287, in North Plainfield, was wanted on a warrant issued on July 28, 2017 for a failure to appear in Somerset County Superior Court for the original charge of third degree credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card.

The SCPO releases the Fugitive of the Week each week hoping the public can help track down the people mentioned.

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Crime Fighting App Help Police Nab Fugitive of the Week

SOMERVILLE, NJ – Wanna help fight crime? If you live in Somerset County there is an app for that.

Last month’s Somerset County Fugitive of the Week Justin Tomlinson, age 29, of Manville was arrested thanks to the STOPit app, according to a joint news release from the Somerset County Prosecutor’s office and Manville Borough Police Chief Mark Peltack.

“On Friday, January 5, 2018 at approximately 1:00 a.m. an anonymous report, via the STOPit app, was received by the Somerset County Communications Center regarding defendant Tomlinson’s location,” Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson said in a news release. “Based on the information received, Somerset County Communications notified Manville Police Department and directed them to Tomlinson’s location where he was subsequently placed under arrest without incident.”

A warrant for the arrest of Tomlinson was issued last year Sept. 11, for failure to appear in Somerset County Superior Court, according to authorities.

He was initially charged with third-degree burglary, authorities say. Tomlinson is currently at Somerset County Jail pending a bail detention hearing, according to authorities.

The arrest of Tomlison marks the second time the STOPit app led to an arrest, according to Roberson. STOPit was introduced to the public last year, Oct. 25 at a press conference in Somerville.

If someone wants to discretely connect with law enforcement officials to report illegal behavior in real-time, they can use the STOPit app.

The STOPit app allows for anonymous two-way communications with Dispatchers and/or Law Enforcement Officers who will obtain the information necessary to render assistance. Users of the STOPit app can “chat” with Dispatchers and/or send images and videos.

During October’s press conference Robertson said STOPit can also be used to enable parents, friends and loved ones to report or request treatment service information relating to the opioid crisis utilizing text messaging. STOPit can also be used to help those in need to find resources for victims of domestic violence and child abuse.

The STOPit app is available for download on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, Access Code: SOMERSETNJ.

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