STOPit Professional Services – Presentations, Assemblies, & Workshops

STOPit Professional Services – Presentations, Assemblies, & Workshops

STOPit’s professional trainers, presenters, and consultants provide on-site services to assist your organization with STOPit Setup & Launch.

Services include: Launch Assemblies for all grade levels, Informational Workshops for Parents & the Community, On-Site Training sessions for your team, and more!

STOPit Professional Services

“As a veteran educator and administrator, I have watched 100's of assemblies and your message was one of the best I have heard throughout my career.”
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– Wally Leipart

Professional Features

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Age and grade-level appropriate Assemblies for students are designed to teach them about online safety and the proper use of the STOPit application. Additional presentations for Parents & the Community are available too.

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Having a hard time getting management educated on why, what, who, and how? STOPit Workshops are designed to bring everyone up to speed quickly, and assist you in launching STOPit to your workplace or community.

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On-Site Training:
Account set up, best practices, and in-depth training is available for you and your team with a STOPit expert.

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Online Help:
Training & assistance is also available online via conference calls or webinar as needed.


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