STOPit Safety & Wellness Tools, Programs, and Training

STOPit Safety & Wellness Tools, Programs, and Training

STOPit Anonymous Reporting​ System

Teaches and empowers individuals to anonymously report issuess BEFORE they escalate

911-Direct Panic
Alert System

Instant communication to 911 and staff for immediate response and better outcomes

K12 SEL & Wellness Training Center

Tools and curriculum designed to help reduce risk and create safer, healthier learning environments

Network and Device Surveillance System

Scans, monitors and filters all devices, networks and internet activity 24/7/365

Threat Assessment & Intervention Training

Trains teams to review, assess, and develop an intervention plan for identified at-risk individuals

Threat Assessment Guided Case Management System

Guides teams, step-by-step, through their threat assessment process ensuring fidelity and consistent outcomes

SafeScreen Health Reporting System

Screen for the COVID-19 virus BEFORE individuals enter your school or organization


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