STOPit SafeScreen Health Reporting System FAQs

STOPit SafeScreen COVID-19 Health Reporting System FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

STOPit SafeScreen is a HIPAA-compliant COVID-19 self-screening application that instantly screens-out and  alerts you of possible exposed or symptomatic individuals BEFORE they enter your school, workplace, or organization.

STOPit Solutions is the leader in providing safety and wellness technology solutions to K12 schools, higher education, workplace, public safety, and government. Since 2014, STOPit technology has intervened and helped tens of thousands of individuals with its seamless user-interface, best-in-class setup and training, and industry-leading security tools and compliance offerings.   

There are safety, legal, operational, and financial reasons to use STOPit SafeScreen:


  • Shields – protects by screening individuals BEFORE they enter your building to infect others
  • Protects- act quickly to protect others due to its instant-alert of screened at-risk individuals
  • Secures – HIPAA and FERPA compliant ensuring information and identification are safe and secure
  • Assures – provides assurance to and builds confidence of parents, students, staff, customers, and guests


  • 100% digital – no papers, excel spreadsheets, thermometers or labor-intensive solutions needed
  • Seamless – minimal training and can be operational within minutes in one or thousands of locations
  • Fast – send alert, screen, and report on one or thousands of individuals in minutes
  • Access – instantly view and report real-time metrics and documents from any internet connected device


  • Compliance – solution to fulfill state and local laws and policy – especially in schools and workplaces
  • Responsibility – holds individuals accountable to your COVID safety policies by recording all responses
  • Protection – against possible breaches of personal health and identification data using local solutions


  • Affordable – costs $450 per month on average depending on the number of individuals to be screened
  • Savings – eliminates labor-intensive solutions, cost for screening equipment, systems to communicate
  • Efficient – system allows you to quickly identify and spend time on “the right” at-risk individuals

STOPit SafeScreen works in three easy steps which takes less than 2-minutes from the moment an individual starts the screener to when the school, workplace, or organization (SWO) is informed.


  • Individual automatically receives a system-generated LINK via text or email to take the screener
  • Individual clicks through LINK or QR Code and logs in to their account
  • Individual takes the COVID screener


  • Individual is instantly informed if s/he can or cannot enter the building
  • Individual receives a date-stamped, color-coded “Entry Pass” with expiration time
  • Individual displays, as needed, Entry Pass to enter building or event or org checks them in


  • SWO receives screener results and instant-alert for at-risk “do not enter” individuals
  • SWO takes immediate action if the individual was in contact with others
  • SWO works with at-risk individual to determine when s/he can re-screen and enter

There are no apps to download – STOPit SafeScreen is web-based allowing for access from ANY internet connected device minimizing any possible access constraints from having to use an app. Additionally, individuals are alerted, via text, email, or posting (e.g. poster in window), when to take the screener making use easy and convenient. Alert timing can be set by the school, workplace, or organization.

STOPit SafeScreen is designed for K12 schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, retail businesses, and organizations (membership clubs, event venues, sporting clubs, etc.). The program is designed to support one to thousands of locations/buildings. Management of locations can be limited to one individual centrally located, individual(s) at each location, or a combination between both these options.

STOPit SafeScreen makes meeting burdensome local or state law/policy screening requirements easy and seamless. It does this by eliminating the need to build and implement your own screening processes and creating a safe, secure manner to document and store screener results. By allowing individuals to use STOPit SafeScreen prior to entering your school, workplace, or organization, you can reopen and remain open with greater confidence.

K12 Schools – Parents/guardians/caretakers can register their child and report on his or her child’s health. Additionally, staff/administrators, guests, and contractors can also register and report on their health.

Once the health screen is complete, the application automatically sends an “Entry Pass” result to the student (if parents/guardians/caretakers register the child’s cell or email) and staff/guest/contractor/ for easy entry. Schools can manage the program district wide with centralized administration, assign to each school/location for local administration, or some combination of the two.

Colleges/Universities, Workplace and Other Organizations – Students, employees, and others register and report on their health on a daily basis. The system automatically sends an “Entry Pass” result to the student and staff/guest/contractor for easy entry (show pass). Colleges/Universities, Workplaces and Other Organizations can manage the program centrally, assign to each location for local administration, or some combination of the two.

Retail Businesses, Restaurants – Customers can register before entering the location by scanning QR Codes posted outside the location and on their website and then take the screener. The customer can then display the entry pass to enter the location and/or a local administrator can check the dashboard for the pass as well. Retail businesses can setup the program centrally, assign to location for local administration, or some combination of the two.

  • Taking temperature with a digital oral thermometer is more accurate than infrared or thermal device
  • Prevents virus spread BEFORE others are exposed at your school, workplace, or organization location
  • Data is managed using a HIPAA-compliant cloud server and not mixed with personnel files
  • At-home or virtual screening protects and preserves employee privacy and dignity

This is very difficult to quantify as individuals may be carrying the virus and do not show symptoms, however, if an individual is displaying symptoms and answers the screener correctly, we could intervene on up to 100% of cases.

STOPit SafeScreen customers are billed on a per annual basis at less than 50 cents per user plus small one-time setup & onboarding fee.

STOPit Solutions products have a history of zero breaches and utilization of industry leading security and privacy standards. All data collected is instantly and securely stored in the cloud using industry-leading security and compliance offerings.

Data collected is owned and managed by the school, workplace, or organization. Additionally, the Stopit SafeScreen program is HIPAA compliant – meaning employee all data collected has both administrative and technical safeguards to protect against inappropriate access and disclosures. When data is shared, it will be “de-identified” and primarily be for an individual location or group of locations. No individual name or any identifier will be shared publicly unless needed by the school, workplace or organization to meet federal, state, or local laws/policy – for example, if tracing or other means is needed to be used to contain the spread of the virus and/or protect others.

STOPit SafeScreen uses CDC and NIH-based guidelines in the creation of its questions and instant results. Additionally, BEFORE health questions are answered, the program asks users to report on their daily attendance – for example: individuals who may be working from home, learning or working from home, absent due to COVID or absent due to non-COVID issue. Questions asked:

  1. Today, I, or the person I am responding for, will be
    • Attending/visiting workplace or organization
    • Working from home
    • Absent (related to COVID-19)
    • Absent (not related to COVID-19)
  1. In the last 14 days, have you taken a COVID-19 test to determine if you have the virus?
    • Yes
    • No
  1. In the last 14 days, have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?
    • Yes
    • No
  1. Do you live in the same household with, or have you had close contact with, someone who in the past 14 days has had a test confirming diagnosis or is in isolation for COVID-19 OR have you traveled to a town, city, or state with significant, sustained COVID-19 transmission?
    • Yes
    • No
  1. Have you or anyone in your household had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days? (Check all that apply, leave unchecked if answer is no or does not apply)
    • Fever at or above 100.4 degrees
    • Chills, sweating and/or repeated shaking or shivering
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Mild or moderate difficulty breathing/shortness of breath for unknown reasons
    • Muscle aches or body aches
    • Vomiting or diarrhea
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Runny or congested nose
    • Headache
    • Feeling unusually weak or fatigued
  1. I confirm that the answers given above are accurate, to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false statements or omissions will have serious consequences.
    • Yes, I confirm

Yes, schools, workplaces, and organizations can ADD customized screener questions to the existing CDC-NIH based questions. You cannot change the CDC-NIH based questions.

If any individual checks off any symptom and/or answers yes to either of the two remaining health-related questions, they will not be granted entry into a location until the school, workplace, or organization states otherwise. Be aware that between 1-4% of the population (depending if you live in a saturated COVID area) are diagnosed with the virus, therefore follow-up and management of someone who is displaying symptoms will be relatively quick with next steps identified. Therefore, some results of the screener may be reversed upon fuller school, workplace, or organization assessment.

STOPit SafeScreen will be hosted on Amazon’s secure AWS HIPAA compliant cloud environment to process, maintain and safely and securely store data.

STOPit SafeScreen is built using Amazon’s AWS cloud infrastructure, data centers, and an advanced security network to protect information, identities, applications, and devices. Specifically, SafeScreen uses AWS services like EC2, ELB, S3, VPC, DynamoDB and Amazon Aurora which meet a broad set of international and industry specific security, privacy and compliance standards including CSA, ISO 27001, FedRAMP, FERPA, HIPAA, SOC1, SOC2 and FISMA. For reference, please find information on AWS HIPAA compliance for documentation purposes:



Data Replication and Backup

STOPit SafeScreen uses AWS’s Aurora DB for data storage and take advantage of the cross-regional replication feature. Aurora backups are continuous and incremental allowing for restoration to any point within the backup retention period. No performance impact or interruption of database service occurs as backup data is being written.

Network and Platform Security

Web Application Firewall (WAF) within AWS cloud environment is used to control web traffic to our application. Data and systems are secured through encryption (at rest and in transit).

All app, web browser and REST API interactions occur using 256 bit SSL/TLS encryption (HTTPS protocol).  Users are required to log in with a custom user Id and password. API access is authenticated against a platform generated 32 character secret key token. Passwords stored on mobile devices and STOPit SafeScreen servers using AES 256 bit encryption algorithms.

STOPit SafeScreen has 12 differences for significantly better setup and application use – including:

  • Bulk upload of contacts and locations for fast setup
  • Turn-key training with 24/7 customer support for easier setup
  • Multi-location and level setup capability to centralize or decentralize administration of the application
  • Parent-for-child registration and use for children <18 years of age
  • Automatic text or email of entry pass to student <18 when parent completes screener / provides contact information. This will allow for faster entry into the building
  • Absentee feature for those working from home or absent for other reasons
  • Built-in mass communication / alert feature to remind individuals to conduct screening
  • Ability to upload documents to provide proof of health or other
  • 2-way chat feature for easy, instant communication between administrator and user
  • HIPAA compliant technology
  • One of the most affordable solutions on the market with such comprehensive solutions
  • STOPit national leadership in safety and wellness technology in schools, workplaces, and organizations

As data is collected, administrative leaders (centrally or location-based) get real-time results and trends – with “Do Not Enter” result alerts being instantly texted or emailed so admins can begin assessment and reporting of the individual – for example, if the individual shows symptoms, they would discuss symptoms, steps to take based on those symptoms/your policies, and steps needed to be completed to be cleared to enter via STOPit SafeScreen 2-way chat feature or via phone call with the individual.

STOPit SafeScreen currently supports over 200 languages – translations are available for students, teachers, staff, customers, and/or guests “front-end” use (registration and use of the health screener). Back-end administration and reports are available in English only.

No – this does not have any tracing feature and individual personal data is 100% protected and not shared outside of officials assigned to monitor screenings. Given the significant resistance and concerns over privacy, we made an intentional decision to NOT have location tracking in our solution.

Schools, workplaces, and organizations can begin to use the WebApp in minutes. They simply register their organization, setup permission levels for administrative users, setup locations where students, employees, and/or guests will attempt access, upload end users (students, employees, members, etc.) where applicable, and set when they would like the screener alert to be sent and survey questions completed. STOPit is THE expert in onboarding and training allowing us to walk you easily and seamlessly through this process (versus throwing it over the fence for you to figure it out).

There are 3 steps that users walk-through (in 3 minutes) to register, setup and start using STOPit SafeScreen – once registered, only steps 2 and 3 are used taking users just 1 minute to take and submit the screener:

  1. Registration Alert – User receives an alert, via text or email, that provides a LINK or QR Code to complete their registration (username, password, etc.). Time needed: 2 minutes.
  2. Take Screener Alert – User receives a daily (timing can be customized) alert to click on and take screener. User answers the screener questions and receives an instant result stating if s/he can or cannot access their specified location. Time Needed: 30 seconds. Time needed: 45 seconds.
  3. Select/Display Entry Pass – User selects Entry Pass (Clear to Enter, Do Not Enter) they can display as they enter the specified location. Time needed: 15 seconds.

Note – a LINK and QR Code can also be posted on school, workplace, and organization websites and/or  posters for individuals visiting (customers, guests, contractors, temps, members) and needing to be screened before they enter the location. Their process is the same as above.

Yes, every user and administrator must register before using the program. There are multiple reasons why individuals must register to use STOPit SafeScreen:

  1. Alert – need contact information to alert individuals to take the screener
  2. Results – cannot capture, track, and report results without associating that data with an individual
  3. Security – the system must know all admins and users who are entering and using the system

Separate app, separate platform. The STOPit SafeScreen was created on a separate HIPAA compliant platform that is web-based to ensure we maximized individual access and security of data collected.

Yes – the dashboard, and its segmenting, sorting, and filtering systems, allow for easy, seamless reports to be generated. If our robust reports are not what you need, simply have your Lead Admin for this program contact us and we will run a custom report for you.

Registrations and health screen result data will be stored for the life of the subscription agreement with the school, workplace, or organization. When the subscription ends, the school, workplace, or organization may download the data per their compliance policy (and/or federal/state mandates). STOPit Solutions will purge all data as well.

Yes, STOPit SafeScreen can import students, teachers, staff, and/or guests’ information when provided in CSV or XLSX formats. The best method to get your user information into STOPit SafeScreen would be to start with our CSV template file that we provide on the [TBD] import page. Our template files are provided in CSV format already so you can just copy & paste your data into our template file and then upload it.

No, the school, workplace, or organization using STOPit SafeScreen can NOT export the data.

The STOPit SafeScreen application is designed to gather and report information based on a user’s self- or medical assessment. The user does confirm that what is being submitted is truthful and accurate as well as agree that they understand the implications of not representing their health or omitting critical information regarding school, workplace, or organization disciplinary policy on false reporting.

Roster use and uploading is HIGHLY recommended to save you time and resources setting up the application – but it is not mandatory. Instead you have the option of upload or manually input information. At bare minimum, we do need all locations/buildings where students, employees, and all others will be required to take the health screener.

For K12 students or children visiting a business or organization less than age 18, parents/guardians/caretakers can register and take the screener on the student or child’s behalf. If the parent/guardian/caretaker chooses, they can input the student or child’s email or cell phone during the registration process so that a screener result (called the Entry Pass) can be automatically sent to their phone or computer. This will allow them to display the entry pass from their phone or printout.

No – all reporting is calculated in real-time and captures any submissions / results / correspondence / etc. up to the moment they view a particular report. To get the latest while viewing a report, the administrator will need to refresh the page. Auto-refresh will be a feature coming in the near future.

While we monitor our application 24/7/365, we will not be monitoring each submission provided by a user. If there is an issue with a particular submission, we can be reached to help you. Also, if someone does submit an incomplete or inappropriate screener, then you have the option to contact them directly given s/he has registered with you and provided their contact information.

No. This is a multi-platform WebApp designed for the highest level of security and use on any internet connected device including smartphone, tablet, PC, Laptop, and Desktop.

The system sends email and/or text to every registered user each day (with imbedded link) to complete their health screener.

Yes – unless the school’s database already includes the 18 year old as a “contact”, then s/he would be prompted to register and complete the screening. Nearly 100% of schools we surveyed in 2016 had only parent/guardian/caretaker contact info. It’s rare that an 18-year-old is the sole contact. Keep in mind that parents/guardians/caretakers CAN register their children’s email and cell phone, so the kids get a LINK to the entry pass that is generated when the parent completes the survey.

This is a local decision and up to the policies and procedures of the school.

Yes, an administrator can override a result after they have completed their own internal assessment.

Yes – this is the only way the system works – you have to give permissions to a select few for them to access this sensitive information.

Yes – it will show that a new Lead Admin has been added to the parent entity (let us say a district) or Org Admin added to a sub-entity (let us say a school location – like the High School)

The system can only establish admins (lead or org) in order to give someone access to the program and its results. There is no “share” or “email” feature to send someone data.

No – just 2-way chat with the user which will launch on September 14 (along with the document upload feature)

We do not provide guidance outside of “Your Administrator will be in contact with you to discuss next steps”. The reason is that every district has different policies and procedures, so we need to give them that autonomy and not provide any direction that could be confusing or misleading.

No – we did not do this because every district has different policies and procedures on quarantine, so we need to give them that autonomy and not provide any direction that could be confusing or misleading. We are going to have a notes section so admins can take notes and record when a child is out and “ready” to be considered for return.

There is no mass communication function for the example you have raised … we have set templates for mass communication of: register as user and daily complete screener alerts. We are not positioning this as mass communication tool, because it is not one and the schools likely have one already.

Yes, currently guests will receive daily email screener reminders until you archive the user.

No, currently daily screener reminders are turned on and off at the account level. A feature will be added in October/November to be able to modify by location.

No, currently the daily screener reminder time is set at the account level. A feature will be added in October/November to be able to modify by location.

At this time the 6 required questions cannot be edited. You can however add additional customized questions.

This program is for staff, students, contractors, and guests to use.

Yes, however, given the importance of this tool, we have priced it significantly lower than our base program.

No – the system does not include temperature check, however, it asks if the user has a temperature of 100.6 degrees or higher strongly encouraging users to take their temperature as part of the screener process.

You would upload both via CSV file … this would allow a seamless upload and use of the system.

Yes, you can resubmit your CSV file or manually input a new user

Technically yes, however, we do not recommend it unless someone does not have internet access. In this case, the admin can sign-in using the user’s username and password or create one for the individual, ask the user the health questions, and share the results.

Yes – there is an “add” and “archive” feature in the Admin dashboard

No, we do not as the process and protocol varies so much from school to school and state to state that it does not make much sense for us to enter that space.

Customers pay a fee to use SafeScreen based on the number of projected users (visitor/non-employee … student, staff, contractor, etc.)

Yes – however the individual does need to show the entry pass proving they answered the questions. Additionally, we ask the user to confirm their answers TWICE to ensure all is correct and truthful. Their answers are then stored should they need to be referenced.

Technically, yes … however any previous answers will be in history. Unless prompted by you, we do not see how this would happen.

Yes, however, it defeats the goal of the program … keep people outside the location until they are deemed “clear”. We strongly recommend emailing or texting then a LINK to register and take the screener.


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