STOPit Team

STOPit Team


Teresa Reuter

SVP Implementation

Parkhill Mays


Donna Milito

SVP Sales

Erin Mercer


Aiyana Liz

Application Engineer

Alyssa Russo

Customer Success Manager

Jamie Kilcullen

Account Executive

Julia Zapcic

Marketing Manager

Gerard Dantel

Senior Software Engineer

Jai Pandu

Senior Software Engineer

Jeff Schobel

VP of Enterprise Solutions

Johnathan Holmok

Manager, Customer Operations

Martin Scheidl

Chief Information Officer

Michael Kasprzyk

Chief Technology Officer

Nick Zema

Account Executive

Niraj Pant

VP, Engineering

Tichiere Womble

Assistant Manager, Customer Success

Charmaine Grant

Customer Solutions Representative

Tracy Craig

Customer Solutions Representative

Board of Directors

Parkhill Mays STOPit Solutions

Parkhill Mays

President, STOPit

Todd Schobel STOPit Solutions

Todd Schobel

Founder, STOPit

James A Courter STOPit Solutions

Hon. James A. Courter

Former CEO, IDT Corporation, Former U.S. House of Rep. (NJ)

Herbert J Stern STOPit Solutions

Hon. Herbert J. Stern

Founder, Stern & Kilcullen, LLC

Kevin M Kilkullen STOPit Solutions

Kevin M. Kilcullen

Partner, Stern & Kilcullen, LLC

Bill Bartzak STOPit Solutions

Bill Bartzak

Partner, Kai Equity, LLC

Sharlee Jeter STOPit Solutions

Sharlee Jeter

President, Turn 2 Foundation

Robert Druskin STOPit Solutions

Robert Druskin

Non-Exec. Chairman, Depository Trust Corporation

Advisory Board

Carol Todd STOPit Solutions

Carol Todd

Amanda Todd Legacy

Dan Deeney STOPit Solutions

Dan Deeney

CEO, AetherPal

Dr Lisa Wicker STOPit Solutions

Dr. Lisa Wicker

President & CEO, LWA


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