Phone Tip Line

Phone Tip Line

The STOPit Phone Tip Line is a 24/7/364 customizable call-in service staffed by trained operators fluent in multiple languages. Utilize our hotline for users who may be more comfortable reporting issues via phone.

Operators take calls and in the event of an urgent issue will contact emergency contacts and/or emergency services for you. Call reports can be logged in your STOPit Account and instantly sent to your administrators.

Over 1.2 million reports managed to date

STOPit TLRS in Action

“If Law Enforcement needs to be involved we know that the STOPit team will help make it happen 24 hours a day and 7 days a week“
– Cheryl Dyer

STOPit TLRS Features

Integration with Law Enforcement:
In the event of an emergency, your defined emergency contacts and, if desired, local police are contacted immediately with the relevant information.

Trained Operators:
Operators are trained to guide callers through the tip submission process and gather as much information as possible about the incident for you and your team.

24/7/365 Operation:
Trained operators are on staff year round to receive your tips, including on nights and weekends.


Custom Workflow:
Emergency contacts and local police are contacted in the order you choose and be changed at any time.