Threat Assessment Guided Case Management

Threat Assessment Guided Case Management

Guides teams, step-by-step, through their threat assessment process ensuring fidelity and consistent outcomes 

What is It?

The Threat Assessment Guided Case Management System guides teams through each step of the threat assessment process ensuring a comprehensive, consistent, and standardized procedure. The program supports the nation’s leading national threat assessment models and is being offered in partnership with the Public Consultant Group.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?Benefit to You?
Provides a dashboard and activity center of current and past threat investigations including status of each case and plan, latest action items needed to be completed, and resourcesQuick, easy read of number and status of assessments and ensures users stay on time with their tasks through Message Center alerts and action items
Outlines and provides step-by-step intake forms that follow your model guidelines with questions for team members to answerSeamless, expeditious, and easy to complete ensuring program integrity, continuity, and maximization of assessment outcomes.
Prompts and provides risk criteria to determine the level of risk of the threat, team rationale for the selection, and next steps neededEnsures proper risk level assessment by facilitating team decision-making through explanations and prompts
Helps create an action intervention and supervision plan based on the level of risk determined and questions provided by the threat model selectedEnsuring appropriate protective actions and interventions are taken that address an individual's underlying issues
Documents and alerts users of all actions and plans taken while also prompting and alerting users throughout the entire process Provides proof of compliance to organization, state, or federally mandated policies, procedures, and laws

What Sets Us Apart

  1. The only guided case management model that provides violence, suicide, sexual, and fire setting assessments
  2. Maintain consistency of practice through structured step-by-step guide
  3. Transparency and documentation of all actions taken by team
  4. Prevent individual changes or “straying away” from your organization’s threat assessment practice
  5. Allows all team members to work in an online workspace – placing all data and input in one secure location
  6. Increases collaboration across all team members ensuring synergy of expertise and knowledge
  7. Better outcomes given all steps are adhered to by each member
  8. Conforms to the highest levels of security and privacy
  • Adheres to the FERPA, HIPAA, and uses RBAC methodology
  • SOC2 Certified program making it one of the highest security ratings for protecting data
  • Independent audit to validate safety & business practices

How do I get started?

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